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    Oh, that’s fantastic. Shall we chat? You’ve probably got lots of questions about how our projects work, which we’ll be happy to discuss. Please use our Contact Us form (above) or call us on 020 7407 4785 and we can go from there.

    Yes, we sure can! For quantities of 30 or more books or maps, we can offer you a wholesale discount. Please visit Guy Fox Direct to purchase maps and books quickly and securely. Alternatively, please contact us with your requirements (including title, quantity, date required and delivery address.) We will respond with a price and estimated delivery date.

    If the ‘SUBSCRIBE‘ button (above right) is active, then the answer is YES! Yippee! If not, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter, where we post opportunities to subscribe.

    If you’re lucky enough to be a subscriber, it means you receive Guy Fox books when they are released, free of charge! In each project, we set aside a limited quantity of free books. Due to limited resources, we must strictly limit the number of subscribers.

    In theory, yes, but our list is currently full. Due to limited resources, we must limit the number of groups on our Bulk Mailing List. If you’re interested in adding your details to our waitlist, please use the Contact Us form (above).

    We are based in Southwark (London) and, where possible, we try to work with primary schools within the borough. The choice of school is not always ours to make, however, as our corporate partners often have links with a primary school close to their offices.

    If your school is based in Southwark, the City of London or Tower Hamlets, we’d love to hear from you. We can put you on the possibilities list – and also add you to our Bulk Mailing List!

    Every child who participates in a project (and whose parent or carer has given us permission to publish his or her drawings) has at least one drawing published. This is an important part of what we do – EVERY CHILD can point at a page in the book and say, “I drew that.” Of course, during an 8-week project, a child may produce dozens of drawings, so he or she will likely have a number of illustrations published in the book.

    Aha, you’ve noticed the pun! The name dates back to 1998, when our founder’s 4-year-old nephew thought ‘Guy Fawkes’ was actually a fox. We thought Guy Fox might make a fantastic cartoon character, who would teach children about history. Over the years, he’s done a lot more than that, and, we’re happy to say, he’s still as enthusiastic as the day he was first drawn.

    Indeed we do! It’s called ‘Where the Fun is’ and it is filled with downloadable resources – creative challenges, puzzles, educational activities – that pair with our books and maps. It’s a bit of a treasure trove, so we’ve buried it deep in our website. Trust us, it’s worth the effort to find it.

    And how, you ask, do I find it?
    We share the link in our mailouts to our subscribers and we also share occasionally on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.